Information sharing and collaboration have always been essential to creating productive learning and work environments. Our Wireless Audio/Video Presentation Solution can help transform the conference room and office Into a learning, training and collaborating space.

Have you had bad experiences or troubles of setting up projector or a big-screen display for presentation or training program in the conference room/office? Most of people may be not feeling well if there are messy cables on the table. And, the presenter may take time to un-plug the cable and hand over it to next presenter, under this situation, downtime and uncomfortable silences would be happened.

User would need a better wireless solution!
Sharing your Presentation to a big-screen display become easily & quickly. 
Without messy cables around the meeting room table.

A HDMI Wireless will help you to easy connect and present for everyone.   It’s including a Transmitter & a Receiver in the package.  The Transmitter to be plug with your laptop and the Receiver to be plug with a big-screen display or a projector.  Set up in few minutes and can wirelessly send the signals from Transmitter (laptop) to Receiver (Display) smoothly.

Support different software system, including Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome system as long as the device output interface is HDMI.

Easy to connect and present for everyone. 
Make the presentation efficiently and flawlessly.

• Connect instantly.  No software required.
• Compatible with most of HDMI devices.
• One button to start presenting immediately, reducing downtime and uncomfortable silence to kick off a productive presentation.
• Easily mirroring the audio/video from your SmartPhone/Tablet to a big screen display.
• Recommended for the users who have contents to share from different source devices.  Such as PS5, Apple TV, Laptop, Tablet, SmartPhone, etc.
   User can use it in an entertainment room or staff lounge.

WTR-6000 as a solution

It’s recommended for the meeting if 32 presenters attend the meeting.  The Transmitter is allowed to pair with 32 Receivers.  Simple pairing & easy to join anytime.  And, it support 2 users to share the presentation simultaneously, present two different files on the display, such as yearly turnover comparison, art comparison.

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