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Wireless Meeting room Presentation for BYOD

For business people who often use their own mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop for conference presentation or visiting clients’ companies for business briefings, they would need to carry a variety of converters to connect to different devices as the equipment in each meeting room could be different, and even worry about insufficient accessories.

We offer a cable-free, hassle-free connection to your peripherals that enable flexible, seamless conferencing and collaboration, improving your meeting productivity in conference room or huddle room.

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Corporate Training room

Information sharing and collaboration have always been essential to creating productive learning and work environments. Our Wireless Audio/Video Presentation Solution can help transform the conference room and office Into a learning,training and collaborating space. The wireless connection from attendees’ devices to a shared displayer can also avoid the need for complex configuring and cabling,

creating a more convenient and effective learning environment.

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Work station -single display

For engineers and designers have a 1-2 laptop for working at the office and a desktop for working at home and often need to use both of them from home.

Before : Two sets of keyboards and mouses takes a lot of desk space. When you switch frequently between devices, nothing is more frustrating than plugging and unplugging all of your peripherals and cables every time.

Why not try a HDMI TYPE C KVM switcher?

Digital signage

Digital signage and displays are commonly seen in shopping malls or large public spaces. With hardwired connections, you may need to customize long cables or use many more extenders, and the location of your digital displays may be restricted as well. When you need to relocate the digital displays after all the installation and hardware set-up, it would be very troublesome to move the wires and cables. This is why you need a HDMI wireless extender that supports long-distance wireless transmission and multiple signal input & output displays.