For business people who often use their own mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop for conference presentation or visiting clients’ companies for business briefings, they would need to carry a variety of converters to connect to different devices as the equipment in each meeting room could be different, and even worry about insufficient accessories.

When you are giving a presentation with MacBook, you would need a USB-C to HDMI converter to display your slide show on TV screen, monitor, or projector. Not only does it make the conference table messy with cables and wires, but the MacBook may also be restricted to a fixed spot.

WFD-5000PRO as a solution

WFD-5000PRO is a simple and user-friendly wireless presentation receiver specially designed for wireless presentation. It allows your mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, to screen mirror to the monitor without any converters and cables. It can be connected to 32 different devices at the same time, and users could pause and mirror by one click, or even disconnect and restart by long press, to switch among different presenters or devices. This feature could minimize the meeting time and avoid the uncertainty caused by incompatibility of cable connection, ensuring a high efficient conference and presentation.

This wireless presentation receiver supports all TVs, monitors, and projectors with HDMI port, and uses a USB-C connector to match the power supply of your mobile device. Users no longer need to bring a different power cable or adapter.

When you complete a wireless business conference at work, this wireless receiver also allows you to stream online audio/video on from your mobile device to a larger TV or monitor, achieving both working purpose and home entertainment.

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