Residential & Entertainment

TV Antenna (for Terrestrial DTV Reception)

Do you mind the CATV monthly fees? Many cable companies offer a starter plan for about $60 per month if you want the most well-known cable channels. Mid-level plans are almost $75 per month, and if you go all out for a premium plan, it will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 per month.

Actually, you have better choice to get 4K & 1080P high quality video and immersive audio without monthly fees. If your TV had been equipped with an appropriate tuner, you only need a TV antenna. You do not have to spend a lot.

Cut the cord right away!!

HDMI 2.1 eARC & audio dual output extractor for streaming 7.1 surrounded sound and Dolby® Atmos

Home Theater

The HDMI audio extractor is an essential item for any home theater set up, it can can separate video and audio from signal source, 4K@60/HDR output to TV, 7.1CH Dolby Atmos to audio equipment. This high-end models even support TV eARC function. In addition to supporting the external signal source device, it also allows to send the audio from TV APP to a Soundbar or an AUX (Audio Amplifier) by HDMI eARC ports, supporting different audio formats pass through.

It can easily integrate every type of TVs and audio equipments at home when you use this HDMI audio extractor. The audio output interface includes HDMI eARC, HDMI Audio, Optical and analog 3.5mm stereo which can fully meet the each requirement and quickly build your own surround sound environment.

Entertainment Space

These days, streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Netflix, and Disney+ are becoming increasingly popular. Bluetooth connectivity is now an essential utility in our daily lives, and most of us own a pair of Bluetooth-enabled TWS earbuds, headphones, airpods, or subscribe to at least one streaming media service.

However, not all devices we own are entirely Bluetooth compatible, and sometimes, it’s challenging to get rid of our favourite older gear just because we want to benefit from Bluetooth.

That’s where our BRX-5300A 2-in-1 Bluetooth 5.3 Transmitter and Receiver come in handy. It’s an ideal tool that can create wireless communication with other audio devices that lack Bluetooth connectivity. The best ones give you great sound.

The BRX-5300A is also compact, lightweight, and effortless to use, you can connect two pairs of TWS earbuds or headphones to an airplane’s entertainment system, making it the perfect travel companion for airplane trips or any other journey.

Home Office

USB Type-C is becoming the standard connector on modern laptops, smart phones and tablets. Meanwhile, HDMI connecter is still the common interface for most of streaming devices, game console and desktop. With the introduction of Tran’s KVM Switch HKM-310PD, users can now utilize KVM Switch with a USB-C (DP Alt Mode) compatible devices, such as Macbook , Chromebook , two HDMI + USB-A desktop/laptop/video source devices.Why not try a HDMI TYPE C KVM switcher?

In many situations, you may use your laptops for work, business trip and sometimes at home. You are also having other HDMI streaming player for fun. Your desk will be messy and using USB-C to HDMI adaptor is not so convenient. Switching among your work, personal, and gaming PCs or other streaming box and share one display can be a big headache for you. You should consider a KVM switch to improve your operations.