Bluetooth Adaptor for 2 airpods on airplanes

Best 2-in-1 Bluetooth 5.3 Transmitter and Receiver

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth adapter for airplane, our BRX-5300A Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver is the perfect solution.

These days, streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Netflix and Disney+ are increasingly popular, and Bluetooth connectivity is now a necessary commodity in our everyday lives. Most of us own a pair of Bluetooth-enabled TWS earbuds, headphones, or airpods, and subscribe to at least one streaming media service.

However, not all devices we own are completely Bluetooth compatible, and sometimes it is difficult to get rid of our favorite older gear just because we want to be able to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth.

With our Bluetooth adapter for airplane, you can enjoy great sound on your flight. Whether you’re on a long-haul flight or a short trip, our Bluetooth adapter for airplane travel is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity while traveling.

What is the difference between Bluetooth transmitter and receiver?

If you’re looking for a versatile Bluetooth adapter for airplane travel or home use, our transmitter and receiver offer unique features to suit your needs.

Transmitter: (also called Bluetooth Adapter)
It creates Bluetooth capability for almost any TV as long as it has an audio output port. It can pair with one or two sets of AirPods or other Bluetooth wireless headphones while watching TV, movies or gaming.

It allows you to stream Spotify, podcasts or any other streaming music from your phone or tablets to your traditional Stereo System. If you’ve got an old stereo system that you really love because of its appearance or sound quality. It can add Bluetooth Connectivity to it, so you can enjoy your favorite music on the go.

Both Transmitter and Receiver have amazing features that will be entirely beneficial to your daily life.

What can Trans’ Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver do?

The BRX-5300A is a 2 in 1 portable Adaptor that can be used as a Bluetooth transmitter or receiver

In Transmitter mode:
It allows you to connect wireless headphones or AirPods to airplane /Home/Gym TVs or any other non-Bluetooth compatible device. So you can enjoy wireless freedom for unlimited entertainment on Airplanes, at Home, at Gym or in the Car.

Enjoy In-Flight Entertainment without cords

A Bluetooth adapter for airplane is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy in-flight entertainment without cords. It can replace the uncomfortable wired earphones provided by airlines with your own Bluetooth headphone. For most passengers, aircraft noise is more likely to be a pain. Using BRX-5300A Bluetooth Adaptor with your own Noise-cancelling headphone will help reduce the uncomfortable background noise, even better it will last up to 16 hours without recharging which is suitable for longer flight. You can comfortably enjoy the in-flight entertainment throughout the journey.

Watching a nice movies at night without disturbing others

A Bluetooth adapter for airplane also allows you to watch nice movies at night without disturbing others by connecting your television in TX mode, leaving a quiet night for your family.

Workout without Cords

You can even workout without cords by wirelessly transmitting audio or music from gym equipment with 3.5mm audio port to your wireless earbuds or headphones.

Add the freedom of Bluetooth to portable gaming

Up to 16 hours of continuous music play with no cord in the way. You can relax any time.

In Receiver mode:
‧ Turn your existing old AVR & speaker into a Bluetooth-compatible media gateway.
‧ Enjoy being surrounded by music in a long drive or hear map track info loudly.

Great features about Trans’ Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

It supports excellent range, exhaustive format, long battery life up to 16 hrs and surprisingly good audio performance.

Main features of BRX-5300A Bluetooth Transmitter receiver:

  1. Dual modes – receiving and transmitting. Simply flip the switch on the unit to enable either Bluetooth receiving or Bluetooth Transmitting.
  2. Supports class 1 standard, wireless range of up to 20-30m.
  3. Built-in rechargeable 280mAH battery.
    • Offers Up to 16 hours (transmitter mode) or up to 12 hours (receiver mode) to cover even the longest flight.
    • Ceramic coated separator used In Lithium Ion Batteries that isolate the cathode and anode material, playing an important role in the safety of battery, which prevents internal short circuit of battery and provides lithium ions free flow channels.
  4. Supports up two headphones/ speakers simultaneously.
  5. Hold up to 2 paired devices in memory for both TX & RX mode, the original pairing memory will not be cleared after a mode switch.
  6. Two ports to let you charge the device using a USB-C or Lightning cable (not included)
  7. Level key design for optimizing volume.
  8. Cordless and freedom, easy to install. Plug & play and portable.
  9. Ideal to use with Noise-cancelling headphone/ Airpods to help reduce the uncomfortable background noise in aircraft.

The BRX-5300A is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making it the ideal travel companion for airplane trips or any other journey.

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