Digital signage and displays are commonly seen in shopping malls or large public spaces. With hardwired connections, you may need to customize long cables or use many more extenders, and the location of your digital displays may be restricted as well. When you need to relocate the digital displays after all the installation and hardware set-up, it would be very troublesome to move the wires and cables. This is why you need a HDMI wireless extender that supports long-distance wireless transmission and multiple signal input & output displays.

The most common set-up for digital signage is using splitters with multiple outputs. With the requirement for more display screens or longer connection distance, you would need more cables or even longer cables. Moreover, with environments that are not completely spacious, and in areas where wires and cords cannot be hidden, for a neat installation and safety purpose, what you need is a HDMI wireless extender that allows you to wirelessly transmit and extend HDMI signal for a long distance.

WTR-PRO3 as a solution

WTR-PRO3 is a HDMI wireless extender designed for long-distance multi signal input and output. It allows you to display contents on different screens by wireless transmission simultaneously. Without any extended wiring, its longest transmission range can reach up to 100 meters (L.O.S).

At the same time, users can use IR remote control or keyboard/mouse to control the source device such as multimedia players or laptops. It can also connect up to 16 different source devices simultaneously. If you use a projector without audio output, the audio signal can also be transmitted through wireless connection, fully achieving wireless digital signage.

This ultra long range HDMI wireless extender supports all displays with HDMI ports (TVs, monitors, projectors etc.) and has a USB port for users to control the computer with keyboard/mouse.

In addition to the large-screen wireless display, it can also be used with wireless amplifiers or speakers for audio output, achieving wireless long-distance digital signage with high flexibility.

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