Information Wall (traditionally called bulletin board) is very important for school. You may have seen traditional POP posters, drawings or paintings on the school bulletin board made by teachers or staffs. It is a time-consuming procedure and lousy work.

As technology developed, the price of big screens dropped very fast, providing users an option to build the information wall using big screen display with VGA input. Staffs can easily create the displaying contents. But it is hard to configure the displays with VGA cables, as VGA cable for long distance is very rigid for wiring.

HDMI Splitter as a solution

Configuring and cabling the information wall with HDMI cables is a lot easier. With our HDMI Splitter: HD2-121 (1 input-2 outputs), HD2-141 (1 input-4 outputs) and HD2-181(1 input-8 outputs), you can distribute HDMI video & audio from a single source to multiple displays simultaneously without signal degradation (no extended mode supported), easily displaying your information wall with the same content, or you can use HD2-420 (4 inputs -2 outputs) matrix switch to display different contents on 2 screens.

We also offer splitter with metal housing to extend the durability: HD2-122 (1 input-2 outputs), HD2-142 (1 input-4 outputs) and HD2-182 (1 input-8 outputs).

Trans’ splitter and matrix series are simple, flexible and powerful multi-display solutions to support a spectacular Ultra HD information video wall at school with up to 2/4/8 displays. With plug & play feature, users does not need to install any software, providing Ultra-high resolution and high compatibility.

  • Moreover, our splitter series support auto video down-scaling (downscaler) feature, detects and configures the video resolution automatically according to the capabilities of each connected monitor, allowing seamless integration of 4K and 1080P output simultaneously. Even if you still have some older 1080P full HD displays in your set up, there is no need to replace or upgrade to new 4K specification; each display could still output the best picture quality without causing black screen for some of the 1080P displays. It is also easy to create a full load multi-layers cascade. HD2-141 can support 2 layers up to 16 displays, and HD2-181 can support 2 layers up to 64 displays.

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