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Position and Direction of the DTV antenna

Reception depends not only on the distance from the broadcast tower, but also on the terrain and surroundings (nearby houses, buildings, trees, etc.). When placing the antenna indoors, try to install it as high as possible and near a window Objects in the room can also affect the signal, so try different locations to find the bestreception. Choose a location where the antenna is safe and has the best coverage. In addition, some antennas may have directivity, so while improving reception, rotating the direction of the antenna is also an effective adjustment method.

Keep your DTV antenna away from metal obstacles

Keep in mind that metal objects near the antenna can interfere with the DTV signal and even hinder your reception. For example, when placing antennas on windows, even the metal security strips on windows can cause problems (metal blocks TV and radio signals). Try to stay as far away from metal objects as much as possible (it depends on the wavelength of the signal, in this case is 6 feet or more).

The DTV antenna should have a long enough output signal cable.

This concept seems contradictory. Generally a long coaxial antenna cable will slightly reduce the signal and reach the signal level of the TV, but with a longer cable, it allows you to connect the antenna to the TV while placing the antenna in a high location or near a window with a strong signal. It will most likely improve your TV reception greatly, and this boosted signal may be much more attenuated than the length of the cable. Of course it is common sense to remember that try not to use unnecessarily long cables, as this will reduce your signal level.

When do I need to run a channel scan?

Under the following conditions, we would suggest running a channel scan:

  1. Changes in weather.
  2. Changes to the antenna system, the location of the antenna, and any movement to the antenna.
  3. Your viewing channels are missing.
  4. Haven’t scanned the channel in a couple of months